1. Residential Service Application
  2. Home Site Lease
  3. Income verification
  4. Map showing location of customer’s dwelling
  5. Certificate of Housewiring Compliance
  6. Customer Meter Request
  7. Service Entrance Inspection Checklist
  8. Utilities Right of Way Agreement
All customers will submit a residential service application with the above documents to the nearest NTUA District or Sub-Office.


Established as a tribal enterprise in 1958, the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority continually searches for sources of energy for the residents of the rural 25,000 square-mile Navajo Nation.
The latest result? Hybrid photovoltaic units. PV systems provide customer service through the Power of the Sun. Renewable energy is a practical, cost-effective, option that provides basic electrical power to isolated homes located too far away from the electrical grid.

Since 1993, NTUA has placed more than 200 photovoltaic units at remote home sites, giving regional families the connection benefits of basic electricity. In short, PV means extending energy beyond the limits of power lines.