Navajo Tribal Utility Authority – an enterprise of the Navajo Nation

At NTUA, our goal has always remained the same - to enhance customer service by incorporating respect, equality, and accountability into our performance system. We do this by striving to provide excellent service and quality products to our employees and customers that exceed their expectations. Our primary vision is to achieve excellence in everything we do.

NTUA continues to constitute contributions to the faith and dedication of its employees to benefit several communities throughout the Navajo Nation. NTUA believes that community service is one way to give back to the communities that supported us throughout years.   It’s our way to lend a helping hand and say ‘thank-you’ for allowing us to be a part of your community, or event, and simply spending a day with us.

Again, NTUA employees know that in a time of need and if there is a request for help, they will do what they can to offer a lending hand.  It’s all about service, offering assistance, and meeting the needs of a community.  Our doors are always open!


NTUA has a vast network of electric, natural gas, water and wastewater utility lines. Some of these lines are underground and out of site. These lines are very dangerous if exposed or damaged. Because safety is our number one concern, we encourage everyone to exercise extreme caution when digging around any of our utility lines. Please call the NTUA Safety Department at 928-729-5721 if you have any questions. Click Here for Information Sheet on CBUD


The plan is designed to help residential customers budget in advance for their utility bills. The plan eliminates the seasonal highs and lows of their monthly bills by allowing them to pay the same budget payment amount each month, despite fluctuations in their monthly usage.
NTUA offers a 10% discount to our Senior Citizen customers. This program is for the elderly who are 60 years or older and have an annual household income of $21,000 or less. Click Here to download application. (PDF Format)
This program is for customers who require utility services to be maintained due is a serious health condition The discount is 10% of the regular charges for the utility services provided by NTUA. The qualification guideline is that the customer be certified by his or her attending licensed physician as requiring continuous utility service due to a serious health condition which could be life-threatening if utility service is disconnected. Click Here to download application. (PDF Format)
This is an NTUA-sponsored child protection program for the Navajo Nation. In an emergency. if a child feels threatened, is lost or is hurt, the child can request assistance from any nearby NTUA employee. Our employees will offer the child immediate assistance; use NTUA's utility dispatcher to notify police, then remain with the child until police arrive. In life-threatening circumstances, NTUA employees will also administer basic first aid.
Lists of licensed Plumbers, Septic Service, and Electric Services

To assist our residential customers with their utility service needs, the NTUA has developed a list of Electrical, Plumbing, and Septic Tank Contractors that can provide services in and around your home.  Contractors are listed within each NTUA district service area, however, many businesses may overlap these boundaries.  

Please note that NTUA is merely providing the attached lists of contractors and does not assume responsibility for work performed by said contractors, nor does it recommend any particular contractor.  If you have any questions, contact your local NTUA office.
Electric Services? For Contacts Click Here
Plumbing Services? For Contacts Click Here
Septic Tank Services? For Contacts Click Her