Navajo Tribal Utility Authority – an enterprise of the Navajo Nation


Since 1959, NTUA has supplied electricity, water, natural gas, wastewater treatment, and photovoltaic (solar power) services to residents throughout the 27,000 square-mile Navajo Nation. NTUA serves approximately 41,259 electric customers, 39,323 water, 14,105 waste water customers, 7,929 natural gas customers, and 205 photovoltaic customers.


The tribal utility authority, an enterprise of the Navajo Nation, operates under a tariff rate and takes pride in having one of the lowest electricity rates throughout the western United States. NTUA also provides assistance to tribal agencies and tribal communities to obtain federal grants to address utility needs.


In the area of employment, NTUA is pleased to report that our workforce of 722 regular employees, and 8 temporary employees. Of these numbers, 97.12% percent are of Navajo Descent, meaning that out of 722 employees, 701 are Navajo. We are proud of this number as one of the larger employers on the Navajo Nation. We take pride in our work and accept the responsibility of serving the great Navajo Nation to meet its multi-utility needs.